What’s it like to work in office management?

You don’t have to be a wind turbine technician or a portfolio manager to work in the renewables sector. There’s a whole army of support and back-office teams that help to keep a company’s operations running smoothly.


Business graduate Anastasija Strizakova is Office Manager for EDF Renewables’ Irish team. She looks after everything from invoicing and chasing POs to fitting out the new office and project budgeting. It’s a varied role, with a never-ending to-do list, but that’s also why she loves it.


Day-to-day working life in renewables

Q. Where are you right now?
A. I’m at home, south of Dublin. I mostly work from home because I started the job during the last lockdown in July. 

Q. What does your role as Office Manager involve?
A. The EDF Renewables team in Ireland has grown immensely. When I started, there were only five of us! They needed someone to do all the financial and admin tasks, and basically be the main point of contact for everyone.

My job is really broad. I look after invoices and POs, office supplies, procurement, not to mention the new office fitout. I also work with the team on legal agreements, health and safety, and support the HR Manager too. I do pretty much anything I’m asked to do!


Getting into the renewables industry

Q. What’s your background?
A. My background is heavily in finance and technology. I graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Business Studies. From there, I went straight into an entry-level job at a large payment processing company.

I worked there for six years, reaching the position of Project Manager. I left in 2018 to go travelling for over a year. When I returned, I decided I wanted to do something else and I saw this job at EDF Renewables. It appealed because it’s so varied – in terms of responsibilities and tasks – and I’ve never worked in this industry before.

I had always been interested in renewables, but I’d never considered working in the sector. So when the job came up, I looked into it straightaway.

Q. How would you say your role is helping Ireland achieve its net zero targets?
A. I’m obviously not out there building wind turbines, but the team need me so they can do these things! I get up every morning and I see myself as a key part of the jigsaw, especially for such a rapidly growing company in Ireland. We’re doing significant things at the moment. I’m really proud of everyone.


Love what you do; do what you love

Q. What’s a typical day like?
A. There’s no typical day, as every day is so different! But one of the major aspects of my work is financial. I need to take care of project budgeting, POs and invoices. I usually have two pages of actions to do all the time… And as I cross one out, a new action appears!

Q. What’s your favourite part of the job?
A. I like the variety – it’s never repetitive. I have a lot of autonomy too. I was given the choice to make the role my own, which I love a lot.

Q. And your least favourite?
A. I really miss seeing teams bonding and interacting because of Covid-19. I miss the human element of work.

Q. Do you think the industry could do more to promote diversity and inclusion?
A. To be honest, I’m too new to the sector. But I know EDF Renewables is very diverse and inclusive of everyone.


Looking to the future

Q. What are the opportunities for developing your role?
A. There are now 12 of us and the team is very diverse – some are contractors, some work from home, etc. We’re only at the start of establishing processes and procedures. So there is a lot to do! We get a lot of help from EDF Renewables UK but there’s still a start-up feel to working here.

Q. What are you looking forward to achieving after lockdown eases?
A. I can’t wait to get back properly into the office. I’d like to fully finish the office refurbishment and I want to automate more systems and processes, as everything’s pretty manual at the moment. I’ll then need to train the team. So the job definitely won’t slow down; if anything, it’ll get busier!




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