Working with local people to minimise our impact and benefit the community

We work closely with the communities surrounding a wind farm and have a local asset manager you can reach at each site.

During the initial planning and construction stages of building a wind farm, we’ll keep the community updated with what’s going on, so you feel heard and know what to expect at each stage.

A wind farm should benefit those living nearby, so we work with local and regional companies whenever possible, and encourage our contractors to do the same. We also have a community fund, which runs for the lifetime of the wind farm, to pay for local improvements or to invest in local people.

Long-term community benefits

Our wind farms benefit local communities throughout their lifetime. Support comes from creating new jobs and education and skills; boosting the local economy; developing the local infrastructure and environment; and providing direct community investment.

Community investment in local projects and people

To support communities near our wind farms, each of our sites has a dedicated community fund to spend on improvements in the local area during its development and over the lifetime of its operation.

Managing our impact

We aim to minimise the impact of planning, building and operating a wind farm on those living nearby – and to keep the local community involved in the process every step of the way.

How we select our sites

We have rigorous processes in place to help us decide if a site is suitable for a wind farm – and we’re involved in the development of any new sites every step of the way.

EDF Renewables for educators

We work with educators to support their teaching of renewable energy. Find out how you can arrange a visit to a wind farm or download learning resources on wind power.

Is there a wind farm near you?

Use our map to find a wind farm near you or to find out the status of any new projects.

How to apply

Each community fund is managed by an external body. To apply for a grant or look up the criteria for getting investment, search our list of community funds to find out who’s responsible for managing the community fund near you.