Project News

The Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit approved an application for the Heathland Wind Farm on 11th January 2022.

To enable the wind farm to make an active contribution to help meet Scotland’s ambitious renewable energy and climate change targets, we will now start the preparatory work needed to bring the project to fruition, including the development of a construction timetable for the wind farm.

Project Description

The Heathland site is located approximately 1.5km north east of Forth in South Lanarkshire and 2.5km south of Breich in West Lothian. It lies within an area of commercial forestry plantation which is owned and managed by Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS).

A Section 36 Application for Heathland Wind Farm was first submitted to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit in February 2016 by Partnership for Renewables (PfR). EDF Renewables acquired the rights to the Heathland development from PfR in 2017. Scottish Ministers consented the project in October 2018 to comprise 17 turbines of 132m to blade tip.

Turbine technology has improved greatly since 2016 and EDF Renewables carried out a review to maximise productivity from the project. The wind farm now consented by the Energy Consents Unit comprises 14 turbines, including three with a maximum tip height of up to 150m and 11 with a maximum tip height of 180m.

The approved wind farm will have a generation capacity of around 80MW, supplying enough low carbon electricity to meet the average annual needs of around 48,000 homes and offsetting around 83,000tonnes of CO2 each year.

Copies of the decision statement and related documentation can be obtained on the Energy Consents website at ECU Reference ECU00002218. 

* Load factors based on the five year rolling averages on unchanged configuration basis using Table 6.5 of 'Digest of UK Energy Statistics' - latest figures as per July 2019 release. Based upon the average domestic electricity consumption per home (temperature corrected) per the Energy Consumption in the UK (published July 2019, Table C9 of ECUK: Consumption data tables).