Up to 7 turbines

Generating capacity of c.50MW
Powering more than 36,000 homes*

Project Description

Seskin Wind Farm is a proposed c.50MW project to the northwest of Old Leighlin in Co. Carlow. It could consist of up to 7 turbines and power more than 36,000 homes.

The proposed site is located in the townlands of Seskinrea and Ridge.

The project team is currently gathering wind data and mapping the environmental constraints on site which will be used to create a preliminary wind turbine layout. Detailed environmental studies will also be carried out at the site, including ecology, noise, landscape and visual assessments. The results of these studies, together with feedback gathered in consultation with local communities, will be used to determine the final wind farm layout and number of turbines. 

EDF Renewables Ireland intends to submit a planning application and an Environmental Impact Assessment Report in support of the project to Carlow County Council in early 2023.

Subject to planning permission, the wind farm could be constructed and operational by 2026. A Community Benefit Fund commensurate with the size of the final project will be established to provide funding for local community initiatives and activities. 

EDF Renewables are currently in discussions with Coillte about the inclusion of sections of Coillte property in the proposal in addition to other third party lands.  If you have any Coillte related queries about the proposal, please contact lsinfo@coillte.ie.

Get in touch

We welcome your feedback on our proposals and encourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments by emailing the project team at seskinwindfarm@edf-re.ie.

* SEAI Energy in Ireland Report, December 2020, Section.7.3.1, Table.33