Project News

EDF Renewables submitted a Section 36 application in February 2019 for permission to build and operate the Troston Loch wind farm.

In response to feedback received during the consultation process, further work has been undertaken to change the location of some of the turbines. Four of the most prominent turbines have been moved further downhill from the ridge at the northern end of the site and the original location of one other turbine has been changed from the original application.

As a result of these alterations further environmental surveys have been performed to inform the suitability of the new turbine locations, including peat and walkover surveys. This additional environmental information has been provided to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit (ECU) as a revision to the original application.

Consultees will be formally notified of the Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI) and details will be published in public notice advertisements placed in the following newspapers:

  • Edinburgh Gazette (Tuesday, 3rd December)
  • Galloway News (Thursday, 5th December)


Consultation on the SEI runs until Friday 31st January, although Ministers may consider representations received after this date.

Application documents are available to download from the download section below, from the Energy Consents Unit website at



Project Description

EDF Renewables has developed a proposal for a new wind farm to be built on land at the Troston Estate, located around seven kilometres west of Moniaive in Dumfries and Galloway.

Plans for the scheme were first announced in early 2018 and a series of local exhibition events were held for residents and local stakeholders in Moniaive and Dalry to share details and developments of the scheme in April and October 2018.

The scheme has been through a variety of design iterations. The position of turbines in the latest layout has been changed to account for detailed site investigation and feedback from consultees, whilst seeking to maximise renewable energy generation.

Since the project inception, we are now proposing to:

  • Reduce the number of turbines on the site from 15 to 14
  • Retain the original turbine heights from the ground to the blade tip of up to 149.5 metres
  • Include an on-site energy storage facility to support the grid network and provide back-up power


Because the proposed development will be over 50MW, the wind farm is classed as a Section 36 scheme and requires the submission of an application to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit (ECU). The application was lodged with the ECU on February 26th 2019 and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the scheme is included in the Project Documents downloads section below.

The new Troston Loch wind farm would be an important source of low carbon electricity and would:

  • Have a generating capacity of around 67MW
  • Meet the average annual domestic electricity requirements of up to 40,000 homes*

Site Boundary Plan

Questions and Answers

Community Benefit Fund

If the application is successful, EDF Renewables would establish a community benefit fund for the wind farm when it becomes operational.  It would be established in line with the Scottish Government Good Practice Principles for Community Benefits from Onshore Renewable Energy Developments. At current levels, based on a proposed generation capacity of 67.2MW, the proposed scheme would provide a local benefit fund of up to £336,000 each year for the lifetime of the wind farm.

Shared Ownership

EDF Renewables supports the principles of shared ownership that gives local community groups and organisations the opportunity to invest in and share in the profit generated by wind farms. This shared ownership opportunity has been offered to local groups at the public exhibitions via information leaflets and is proposed in addition to the proposed Community Benefit Fund.

At this stage, we are simply assessing any interest and would welcome feedback from local community groups. If there is sufficient interest, we propose to hold an event which would give community groups the opportunity to discuss the matter with representatives from EDF Renewables.

Local Energy Scotland is aware of the scheme and is available to provide impartial and independent advice to members of the public on fund raising and all related shared ownership matters.

Section 36 Application

Because the proposed development would be over 50MW, the wind farm is classed as a Section 36 scheme and the application is managed by the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit (ECU).

The application documents are available to download on the ECU website at

Hard copies of the application documents are available to view in hard copy at:

LocationAddressOpening Hours
Dumfries and Galloway CouncilCouncil Headquarters, English Street, Dumfries, DG1 2DDOpen 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday, apart from public holidays
Dalry Library81 Main Street, St John's Town of Dalry, Castle Douglas, DG7 3UPOpen 10.30am until 2pm Tuesday and 11am until 4.30pm on Friday

If you have any further questions or would like to contact us regarding Troston Loch wind farm, please send us an email at

* Load factors based on the five year rolling averages on unchanged configuration basis using Table 6.5 of 'Digest of UK Energy Statistics' - latest figures as per July 2019 release. Based upon the average domestic electricity consumption per home (temperature corrected) per the Energy Consumption in the UK (published July 2019, Table C9 of ECUK: Consumption data tables).