Solar energy

Solar energy can be harnessed with relatively simple technology to provide clean, renewable electricity. Solar power is becoming a more important part of the UK’s renewable energy mix.

Our vision for solar in the UK and Ireland


EDF Renewables UK provides industry-leading, turnkey delivery, financing and operation of solar projects throughout the UK and Ireland. We are focused on making solar generation accessible, affordable, and responsive to the needs of our customers and the communities in which they operate.

Using our wide-ranging Group expertise, we have developed a strategic plan to deliver on our ambitious solar growth targets. Our in-house experience of developing, consenting and constructing UK renewable systems ensures our solar projects will reach their full potential.

We have a strong presence across the renewables industry, with a diverse UK portfolio of solar, storage and wind farms totalling almost 1 GW of operational capacity. We have constructed and currently operate one of Europe’s largest battery storage systems, located in the Midlands; this is helping to stabilise the electricity network.

We believe that solar can and will play a greater part in helping the UK achieve its target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Our ambitious targets reflect our desire to be a part of this growth.

Our solar projects




Environmental impact studies start when we are planning the development of a solar project and continue through all phases from the installation on the site to operation and end of life. Developing a solar site gives us the opportunity to enhance and strengthen biodiversity using a number of measures, examples of which include:

  • Habitat enhancement, encouraging nesting, roosting and foraging for birds and invertebrates
  • Creating habitats rich in wildflowers to increase bee numbers to the benefit of the surrounding farmland
  • Planting wild bird seed mixtures for birds and nectar and pollen-rich margins for bees and butterflies
  • Reducing any adverse impact on protected species



Corporates and the public sector are increasingly looking for long term energy price certainty, making a visible commitment to a low carbon future and increased energy security for their sites.

Buying electricity from a solar asset can provide a cost-effective method of meeting these goals.

EDF offers a complete solution that is tailor-made for corporate purchasers. EDF Renewables UK supports each stage of the project: development, construction, operation & maintenance and decommissioning.

Tesco solar rooftop PPAs

In 2019, we signed three corporate PPAs with the leading multinational retailer Tesco. Through these contracts, 60 MW of renewable power will be provided to Tesco, from 5MW solar installations. There will be fifteen thousand roof-mounted solar PV panels installed on seventeen Tesco stores across England. Construction is underway and it will be completed by the end of 2020.

Working with people to minimise our impact and benefit the community


We work closely with the communities surrounding our renewable projects. During the initial planning and construction stages of building a solar farm, we will keep the community updated with the project’s progress and what to expect at each stage.


Landowners can participate in renewables by hosting a renewable asset and have the opportunity to diversify the income stream by leasing property for wind and solar development. EDF Renewables welcomes the opportunity to explore the benefits of developing renewable energy partnerships.

Benefits of solar for landowners

  • Diversified long-term revenue stream An EDF Renewables solar farm provides a landowner with predictable, long-term revenues backed by a global energy leader.

  • A trusted partner with a strong group track record, EDF Renewables is a world leader in renewable electricity, with innovation, passion and zero harm as our core values.

  • Positive biodiversity gain The long-term land management plan for the solar farm will seek to improve the local biodiversity for future generations.