We help teachers and educators bring the science curriculum to life through trips to our wind farms, workshops and learning resources on renewable energy. Learn more about our different programmes and free resources below.

Visits and workshops

We run tours of our wind farms, so students can experience firsthand what’s involved in generating power from the wind. These open days are an opportunity for local children to find out more about the technology on their doorstep, take part in some fun science activities and learn about the importance of renewable power.

You’ll often find us at local events too, explaining how wind power works and talking to communities about the benefits of renewable energy.

Funding for education

Our community funds provide much-needed investment to local schools, youth clubs and community groups to improve their facilities or accommodation. Find out more about community funds.

Some community funds also include a ring-fenced education and training fund. This is for members of the local community to help them pursue academic and professional qualifications, or support them with the cost of materials, equipment or travel to college. Learn more about the Burnhead education and training fund.

Join the Pod

The Pod is EDF Energy’s award-winning schools programme, offering teachers and educators curriculum-linked resources to support their STEM teaching.

It’s free for teaching and support staff to register on the Pod. Signing up gives them access to lesson plans, activities, assemblies, films, and games for 4-16 year olds. There’s a wide range of teaching materials on wind power – including films, lesson plans and activities – as well as resources on topics such as energy, climate science and biodiversity.

Learning about the children’s local environment forms an important part of the school curriculum – and helps to introduce the children to important local matters and developments.
Primary school teacher

Other resources

Busta investigates wind power

This film on the Pod for children follows Captain Busta as he learns how wind power generates electricity.

Building an offshore wind farm

This film on the Pod is about Teesside wind farm, and explores the challenges associated with building and operating an offshore wind farm.