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We have a strong track record of working with partners and suppliers to deliver a successful project. Find out about the kinds of partners we work with – and how you can work with us too.

You can also learn more about jobs at EDF Renewables – including apprenticeships – and what careers opportunities are currently available.

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Working with suppliers

We work with a wide range of suppliers to provide wind farm technology, engineering expertise and specialist services. We also use companies local to a wind farm during the development of a site, whenever possible, to ensure the local economy benefits from its build too.

Supplier case studies

EDF Energy Renewables has built strong relationships with Scottish industry – making a commitment to use towers manufactured in Scotland by CS Wind UK, using local supply chain companies, wherever possible, and developing renewables in areas like the Western Isles.
Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

CS Wind

CS Wind, an Argyll based company, supplies turbine towers for all our onshore wind farm projects in the UK. It contributes more than £8 million a year directly into the local economy through wages alone, and many local suppliers rely on business from its factory.

Vestas UK

Vestas supplies us with the latest wind farm technology. The business has been established for 35 years, and employs 270 people across its operations in Warrington, Sterling, Edinburgh and the Isle of Wight.

Natural Power

Natural Power is a consultancy that provides support for us with the planning and consenting of onshore wind farms. 350 people now work at the company and Natural Power has six UK offices, including its global headquarters in Dumfries and Galloway where it is the largest private employer in the region. 


We work with a number of partners to help us develop our renewable energy portfolio. In these instances, we provide the day-to-day operation, maintenance and management of the wind farm, and the community benefit fund arrangements. But partnering with other organisations gives us the opportunity to invest in more renewable energy sites and develop our expertise in this sector.

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Corporate energy purchasers

We’re able to supply renewable energy direct from one of our wind farms to an organisation’s site, through what’s known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This is an effective way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy; reduce their carbon footprint – by getting a low-carbon supply of energy; and to protect the cost of their energy for years to come.

Interested in getting your energy from us?

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Land owners

Wind turbines take up very little ground space, so farmers can continue to use their land for growing crops or grazing livestock. Wind turbines also don’t disturb sheep, cows or horses; at our wind farms in High Hedley Hope and Kirkheaton, the animals can be seen grazing right underneath the turbines.

If you’re a landowner and interested in getting in touch, please email

Working with us

We work very closely with landowners at all stages of the planning, development and operation of our wind farms.

Early investigative work is only carried out under contractual agreement with landowners. And if a site meets all of the requirements to be developed – and is granted planning permission – we work alongside landowners to ensure that the construction of the wind farm has the least impact on their day-to-day operations and their land as possible.

This means creating appropriate access routes for construction – and later on, maintenance – purposes. It also means, in the case of farming land, timing work so that it does not interfere with crops or other farming activities.

What happens when a wind farm is decommissioned?