Who we are and what we do

We’re one of the UK and Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies, specialising in wind power, solar and battery storage technology.
We develop, build, operate and maintain wind farms and other renewable technologies throughout their lifetime.

We have an operational portfolio of 36 wind farms – including two offshore wind farms – and one of the largest operational battery storage units in Europe.

Our renewable energy sites

Use our map to find out if there’s a wind farm or renewable energy site near you. You can look up both existing and development sites. 

You can also find out how we develop a wind farm – from site selection and scoping, through to planning, construction, and operation and maintenance.

What is wind power?

Wind power is a type of renewable energy that uses the power of the wind to generate electricity. Wind turbines can be located onshore or offshore.

The UK is particularly well suited to generating power this way because we’re the windiest country in Europe.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy can be harnessed with relatively simple technology to provide low carbon, renewable electricity. Solar power is becoming an important part of the UK’s renewables energy mix. 

Our vision for solar in the UK

The local community

We work closely with the communities surrounding a wind farm, so you feel heard and know what to expect during its construction, and benefit from its long-term development. Find out how a wind farm could provide education and skills for local people, and fund infrastructure improvements.

Supporting education and skills

We help teachers and educators bring the science curriculum to life. Visit one of our wind farms, take part in a workshop, or download learning resources on renewable energy to use in the classroom.

Find out more about EDF's award-winning schools programme, the Pod, for students aged 4-16 years old too.


Want to work with us?

We have a strong track record of working with partners and suppliers to deliver a successful project. Find out about the kinds of partners we work with – and how you can work with us too.

You can also learn more about jobs at EDF Renewables on EDF's careers website – including apprenticeships – and the careers opportunities currently available.

Contact EDF Renewables

Find out how to get in touch with one of our sites and where to direct enquiries.