Careers at EDF Renewables

We develop, construct and operate wind farms, solar and battery storage projects. Join us on our mission to lead the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Join us in the renewable energy sector


At EDF Renewables UK and Ireland, our business is exciting, diverse and accessible to all. 

  • We recruit engineers, technicians and developers to design, build, maintain and manage the sites. 
  • Operation and maintenance specialists monitor and maintain our sites on a daily basis. 
  • We need everyone from lawyers and accountants to communicators and HR professionals to support what we do.
  • We also have roles in our support teams based in our four office locations.
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Commercial graduate scheme

Learn about the energy business with EDF Renewables, one of the UK and Ireland's leading renewable energy companies, specialising in wind power, solar and battery storage technology.

  • From wind farms to solar, you'll contribute to projects that make a huge impact in the fight against climate change  
  • You'll gain an understanding of the commercial process of building a renewable energy project
  • Starting salary of £28k, with annual bonus, market-leading pension and competitive benefits
Watch video: Engineering graduate jobs in renewable energy - EDF careers

Engineering graduate scheme

From wind farms to battery storage facilities and solar sites, the technologies developed by EDF Renewables UK & Ireland cover a wide spectrum of renewable energy sources. The graduate careers we offer are every bit as exciting.

  • Gain an understanding of the development and operational phases of our renewable assets and spend time working on our wind farms
  • The opportunity to work with Hynamics (EDF’s dedicated subsidiary for green hydrogen production) in France
  • Starting salary of £27.5k, with annual bonus, market-leading pension and competitive benefits

Apprenticeship Scheme


An apprenticeship is an ideal way to launch a career as a Wind Turbine Technician. Our apprenticeship programme offers an opportunity to:

  • Spend 3/4 years gaining valuable on-the-job experience, while studying for your qualifications
  • Learn from experts and earn a wage
  • Support us in accelerating Britain’s journey to a Net Zero future 
  • Work for a diverse and inclusive organisation

All our vacancies have currently been filled, but you can register with the Careers team to be notified when any positions become available.

An apprentice’s story

Andrew Armstrong is a wind turbine technician in the Scottish Borders with EDF Renewables. He began his career with us as a Wind Turbine Technician Apprentice. We caught up with him to understand how an apprentice scheme in a business that is committed to his development, launched his career in renewables.

Apprentices’ update: The first six months

It’s nearly six months since our latest cohort of apprentices began their training programme. We caught up with them to find out about their experience so far and how Covid-19 has affected their training. They also share some tips for anyone thinking about applying for an apprenticeship in the future.

FAQs on Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme during COVID-19

How will Covid-19 affect the application process?

The welfare of our applicants and colleagues is of paramount importance during this time. So we are making some changes to how the application process works during COVID-19 to avoid face-to-face contact.

Previously, the selection process involved candidates taking an online test, followed by a trip to an assessment centre and then a face-to-face interview with our team. We will continue to assess candidates initially with an online test. But instead of following this with a face-to-face assessment, we are designing a virtual assessment centre to run our activities online instead.

Those applicants who are successful at the assessment centre will be invited to a face-to-face interview in July. Should we still be in lockdown by then, however, we will use Skype instead to interview candidates.

We will continue to follow Government recommendations and review our process to ensure we’re meeting their guidelines. So the application process could change – but bookmark this page to get the latest updates from us.

What if I’m self-isolating or ill, and can’t complete an assessment?

If you’re invited to take part in an assessment, please speak to our recruitment team who will be able to discuss all your options with you.

How will you assess my grades if I haven’t been able to do my GCSEs?

We are following recommended guidance and will use your predicted results awarded by schools and colleges instead.

What happens if schools and colleges are closed when the apprenticeship is due to start?

The first year of the Renewables Apprenticeship Scheme is spent in full-time residential study at TyneMet College in North Tyneside. The college is recognised for its engineering facilities and strong track record in supporting wind technician apprenticeship schemes.

TyneMet is currently closed due to Covid-19 – like every other school and college in the UK. So we are in discussions with them about alternative arrangements, should the college still be closed in September when the apprenticeship is due to start. We will update applicants as we know more, so keep on checking these FAQs.

Will you extend the application period while COVID-19 restrictions are in place?

We are accepting applications until 22 May 2020. This may get extended, but please submit your application ASAP. We will also close the scheme when we have enough suitable candidates to take through to assessment.

Will you delay the start of the apprenticeship scheme if COVID-19 restrictions aren’t lifted by September?

This is one of the options we are discussing with TyneMet College – should the college still be closed in September when the apprenticeship is due to start. We will update applicants as the situation develops or we get closer to the start date. So keep on checking these FAQs for the latest updates.

How can I prepare for a virtual assessment centre and/or Skype interview?

A virtual assessment follows a similar format to a face-to-face assessment, but the big difference is everything takes place online instead. We’ll share a web link so you can find the exercises and materials that you need to take part. Assessors will be on hand to observe how you perform – just as they would if you were in a real-life assessment centre. There are lots of things you can do to prepare for a virtual assessment – take a look at these tips for apprenticeship-specific advice.

If you’re invited to an interview, this will take place using Skype if COVID-19 prevents us from meeting you face to face. You’ll be sent the call details beforehand and there will be two interviewers from EDF Renewables on the video call. The interview will follow a similar format as if you were face-to-face, so you can prepare for this in the same way. These interview tips from UCAS for apprenticeships are a good starting point.

What’s it like to work in renewables?


What our people say


"EDF Renewables gives me the chance to work as part of a dynamic team who are all focussed on the same goal, with the same passion."

Andrew Brand, Strategy and Analysis

"I like working for EDF Renewables as the culture of employee wellbeing feels embedded in the business."

Katie Cockburn, Business Improvement

"I'm proud to work in an industry that helps to combat climate change."

James Newbold, Equity Manager (NNG project)

"The most enjoyable part of my job is that I know that I make an impact every day."

Sarah Boyes, Finance Business Partner Manager

Health & Safety is our priority


EDF Renewables is committed to guaranteeing the safety and protecting the health of its employees, service providers and third party stakeholders.

We have made commitments to deploy the health and safety policy across the board. It applies to both Group’s managers and employees and to its providers and suppliers.

Three clear objectives:

  • No fatal or serious accidents
  • Controlling our risks
  • Protecting health


Our employee benefits

We provide a comprehensive benefit package available to all our employees

Competitive bonus and flexible benefits scheme

25 days holiday with option to buy/sell up to 5 days

Learning and Educational Assistance Policy (LEAP)

Community & Culture