Project News

EDF Renewables is holding public exhibitions to share early stage proposals for the redesign of the Cloich Forest wind farm. The exhibitions will be held on:

  • Tuesday, 18th February at Newlands Activity Centre, Romanno Bridge (3.00pm – 7.00pm); and
  • Wednesday 19th February at Eddleston Village Hall, (3.00pm – 7.00pm).


The anticipated changes will comprise fewer (up to 14 turbines instead of 18), larger turbines at an increased maximum height of up to 149.9 metres.

The process of re-designing the wind farm is still at an early stage and these events will be attended by members of the development team who will be available to answer questions on the project.

Details are also included in a new leaflet explaining the background to the development and the new proposal which is included in the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report was sent to EIA consultees in October 2019. The report sets out the proposed scope of environmental information that would be necessary to support any new application for the Cloich Forest site.  The report is available to download from the Energy Consents Unit website at:

Project Description

EDF Renewables in the process of developing a new design for the Cloich Forest Wind Farm, which is located on a site to the west of Eddleston village, 5.5km north-west of Peebles, within the Scottish Borders.

Consent for a wind farm was originally granted in 2016 by the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit (ECU) following a submission by the previous owners, Partnership for Renewables (PfR), and the approved wind farm comprises 18 turbines with a vertical blade tip height of 115 metres.

EDF Renewables acquired the development portfolio of PfR in 2017 and is now reviewing the project to improve the productivity of the wind farm following changes in the financial support mechanism for wind farms. The process of re-designing the wind farm is still at an early stage and a final design and turbine parameters will not be finalised until the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for the scheme is at a more advanced stage.

Because the installed capacity will still be over 50MW (previously consented at 54MW), any new Section 36 application would be made to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit.

The Cloich Wind Farm development is on the national forests and land managed by Forestry Land Scotland (FLS) on behalf of Scottish Ministers. EDF Renewables and FLS are working together to ensure the best outcome for the development at Cloich forest.

Questions and Answers

Why hasn’t the wind farm been built yet?

Since the application for the Cloich Forest Wind Farm was first submitted by Partnership for Renewables (PfR) in 2012, and consented in 2016, there have been changes in the ownership of the project and the financial support mechanism for onshore wind farms has been withdrawn. EDF Renewables purchased the PfR development portfolio in 2017 and is now undertaking a design review of the wind farm in order to make it more productive.

What information will you produce to help everyone understand how any new project will compare to the visual appearance of the approved wind farm?

As part of the re-design, we have recently issued an Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report that sets out the various environmental topics that will be considered. The EIA will include a landscape and visual assessment which will include photomontage and wireline illustrations.

What will be the benefits to the local community?

The environment – the wind farm will produce an important source of low carbon electricity, contributing to Government targets for increased renewable energy generation and reduced CO2 emissions
Community benefit fund – it is the intention of EDF Renewables to establish a local community benefit fund linked to the wind farm which will be in place once it becomes operational. The fund value would be in line with the recommended Scottish Government rate – currently £5,000 per MW each year for the lifetime of the wind farm. The fund would be designed to meet specific local objectives and would be administered locally at arms’ length from EDF Renewables in line with Scottish Government guidance.
Community investment – EDF Renewables also supports the principle of community investment in our wind farms and would welcome the views of local community groups on any interest there may be in this.

Making your views known:

If you have any questions on the proposed Cloich Forest Wind Farm or require any other information on the scheme, please e-mail

* Load factors based on the five year rolling averages on unchanged configuration basis using Table 6.5 of 'Digest of UK Energy Statistics' - latest figures as per July 2019 release. Based upon the average domestic electricity consumption per home (temperature corrected) per the Energy Consumption in the UK (published July 2019, Table C9 of ECUK: Consumption data tables).